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I’m fifteen, and still have a hard time remembering my locker combination some Monday mornings. Jack Adracka, though, has created a test to help detect pancreatic cancer cells. Jack’s test searches for proteins that are specific to those cancer cells. Driven by the death of family due to pancreatic cancer, his tests becomes the fastest, most advanced, and reliable. By collaborating with professors for Hopkins, Jack was able to surpass all other cancer tests. Jack Adracka is far from just some kid.
Read about Jack at… http://blog.ted.com/2013/02/27/an-early-detection-test-for-pancreatic-cancer-jack-andraka-at-ted2013/


19 year old Aisha is from Egypt, but her language is most definitely quantum physics. The Egyptian Sohag University student has developed a way to propel satellites and proves into space without any fuel. With further study, she hopes to test this new patented technique to aid international aerospace programs. Aisha is far from being just some kid!
Read more here… http://m.digitaljournal.com/article/325785


Remember Home Alone? Well, 13 year old Laurence Rook found a way to avoid that situation in the first place, even if you don’t always have a child at home to keep out the burglars. Laurence developed a system that tricks criminals into thinking you’re home, whether you’re halfway across the world or just down the street. See, this system is actually a doorbell that is linked to the home owner’s cellphone. Whenever the door bell goes off without somebody answering, the home owner is called and is able to speak to those at the door, but sounding as though they are answering from inside. Then, when the doorbell is tested to see if you’re home? The crook won’t know any different Laurence is far from being just some kid.
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Fourteen year old Julia Bluhm doesn’t exactly want to change the face of society… Rather, she wants to change the faces presented to society, and specifically those in Seventeen magazine. Bluhm had a mission to stop magazines from publishing digitally altered photos that present people with a false sense of beauty. With a petition filled with thousands upon thousands of names, she is working magazine by magazine to stop the publishing of these misleading graphics. Julia Bluhm is far from being just another kid.
Read more at… http://www.huffingtonpost.com/mobileweb/2012/07/05/julia-bluhm-seventeen-mag_n_1650938.html


At age seventeen, most teens are thinking about how little school they have to suffer through, that boy or that girl. This isn’t the case with Angela Zhang. This teen developed a nano particle which may be a cure to cancer. Using prize money from prestigious science competitions, she was able to kick-start her research. This nano particle is able to Cary out multiple functions like locating and eradicating the cancer cells, then monitoring a patient’s recovery. Her work has won her numerous recognitions. Angela Zhang is far more than just a kid.
Read more at… http://www.huffingtonpost.com/mobileweb/2012/01/15/angela-zhang-high-school-_n_1207177.html


Welcome to my new blog! On here, I will be discussing teens that have shown the power of the young generation from today and yesterday. There may be stories of up and coming fame to a local charity organizer. Either way, I hope to make you proud to be part of such an influential and high potential ‘society’! But, you’ll have to be patient for a few days, seeing as my skills with this blog are still rudimentary at best. I hope to have you returning soon!